Sully’s Shelf

Sully’s Shelf

Sully’s Shelf is a post I created in order to spread the love of my toddler’s favorite books. I’m not the only avid reader in my house, and my kid has the loaded bookshelves to prove it.

Our local library has the best kid’s section. It has a train set, a play kitchen, kid-friendly chairs and tables, and books everywhere. They are scattered on tables, piled in baskets and all within easy reach of little hands. It’s awesome.

We went yesterday and picked out a few good ones that we’ve already several times. Here’s what Sully’s reading this week:



Sully’s obsessed with rockets, trains, cars, tractors and pretty much anything mechanical that makes a lot of noise. It’s about a little hedgehog who has wanted to be an astronaut his whole life and has a chance to make his dreams come true. Filled with wonderful illustrations, Sully got pretty excited with all the colorful rockets and aliens.






Most parents I know have heard of Giraffes Can’t Dance and for good reason. “Those who are different just need a different song.” This book sends a great message and is beautifully and colorfully illustrated. Sully loved naming all the animals and dancing like Gerald.







Another book with gizmos, gadgets, and the mechanical. As with most children’s books, though, it’s all about the message. “You can only truly fail if you quit.” A good message for a toddler who can easily get frustrated when something doesn’t work the way he wants it to.





Even as I finish up this blog post, my munchkin is thrusting books on top of my keyboard and demanding to sit in my lap to read. So off we go…

But first, what are some of your favorite children’s books?




Sully’s Shelf

I’m not the only avid reader in my house. My two-year-old son loves books so much that he has his own bookshelf which he peruses daily. Sometimes we’ll go through ten or more books in one sitting, so I can say I’m pretty well read when it comes to children’s books.

Sully’s Shelf is a post I created in order to share some of his favorite books. I share mine all the time, and I figured it was only fair that my little bookworm was able to spread the word about his.

Our local library has a great kid’s section, and our recent trip turned up a few treasures. Not only that, but we’ve acquired a recent permanent addition to our little collection.

il_570xn-759680338_pw441. Sam & Dean’s Adventures

I’m a HUGE Supernatural fan, so it’s only natural that my kid would own a board book that revolves around Sam and Dean’s story.

We usually sing Carry On My Wayward Son at the end, and as he always ends up dancing, I think that’s Sully’s favorite part of the whole book.




2. The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend by Dan Santat

This book is so super adorable and filled with beautiful illustrations. Even the print is handwritten, making it very relatable to a child.

It’s about a little imaginary friend who has yet to be imagined by a child, so he does the unimaginable! He travels the world in search of his friend.

My son calls it the “boo book” because obviously Beekle looks like a royal ghost.




3. Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton

Splat is scared to go to his first day of school and makes up excuse after excuse in order to stay safely at home.

But once he gets there, he realizes that he not only has a lot to learn, but a lot to offer.

Sully doesn’t call cats what they are but instead affectionately calls them “meows.” Close enough :).




This is what we’re reading this week! What are some of your babies’ favorites?