Weekend Away: What We’re Reading

What’s your ideal weekend away? For me, it’s a cabin in the woods overlooking a lake. Throw in a few mountains, a fireplace, a good book, and a hot tub, and I’m in heaven.


The hubs and I planned such a getaway this weekend in New Hampshire, and it’s some much needed time to decompress. Between his insane hours at work and our two-year-old who considers bouncing off the walls his job, things can get pretty hectic around here.

We decided to keep the tv off, put our phones away, and – this was Taylor’s idea – read most of the weekend. Now, my guy doesn’t read novels. He researches and devours articles. The last books he read were the Twilight series over six years ago (he’s a burly, tattooed Marine, so most people find that surprising), and he was finished with all four in the span of a week. He also loved the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. (He says it’s nothing to do with vampires, but what do the two have in common? My point, exactly.)

I’m searching my shelves for something else he might like. Any suggestions??


As for me, I’m going to be finishing Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon, and I’ll probably do it in front of this fireplace. I’m mildly obsessed with her writing style and the characters she’s created, so I plan to finish the Outlander series in 2016. Given the length of each book, I know it’s going to be a bit of a challenge.

The book I was hoping to read is The Distance From Me to You by Marina Gessner. From what I understand, it’s about a girl taking on the Appalachian Trail by herself, starting in Maine and working her way down. What’s not to enjoy about that while staying in a cabin in the woods? Alas, my little library didn’t have it, so I’ll be spending time with a burly, redheaded Scot and his Sassenach in Paris.

What’s your ideal getaway?






  1. As ideal as your getaway sounds, I think my ideal getaway would be to a new city, weirdly enough. I like wandering through the hustle and bustle of a new city alot! Your hubby’s tastes in reading was quite unexpected. Has he tried Kim NewMan’s Anno Dracula series or does he prefer contemporary vamps?


    1. I can see the appeal of a new city. All the people, restaurants, shops, music, and art. Always something to see and do.

      He hasn’t tried that series, but looking into it myself, it seems to be something he’d really enjoy, especially with that historical fiction vibe it has. Thank you for the recommendation!


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